Jamie Silva

All the USA sweaters have been packaged and shipped (except for those who ordered February delivery).  It is a great feeling to know that everyone will have their sweater with plenty of time to spare before the Olympics begin.  If anyone has any great photos wearing your USA sweater, send them over to!

The Greatest USA Sweater Ever

Jamie Silva

We have 10 days left before our Kickstarter campaign is over and then we will quickly have to get to work making sure that all of our backers get their sweaters before the Olympics start on February 7th.  Lots of work but such an exciting season! I am really excited for all of our supporters to get their sweaters.  There are not that many comparable products on the market right now, as most of Nike's Olympic products / jerseys are very modern, which obviously is quite different from the look we like. Anyways, Merry Christmas to all!

The Greatest USA Sweater Ever!

Jamie Silva

With the upcoming winter Olympic games soon approaching, my wife wanted to make a sweater that any and every American would be proud to wear! We are excited to share these with the world and give our manufacturer the green light to get these into production! Price: $58 each Sizes: Available in Small through XX-Large Click Here to Purchase (or for more information)    

USA Tank Tops


What a busy 10 days!  We've been busy at the Silva household organizing our first order of USA Tank Tops. I received the first batch last Saturday, and since then we have all been sending out tanks, over 800 so far.  My wife Theresa (9 months pregnant and due this weekend!) and I have navigated many challenges including: - learning how to make USPS postage labels from our home computer. - our postage label service was shut down on us for 2 days because we ordered so much they thought we were criminals. - negotiating with our tank top manufacturer...